Monday, February 8, 2010

True Blue by David Baldacci

Mace Perry, former cop and just out of prison after being set up for a crime, is determined to get her good name back (the one she has is awful, ha ha). She figures the only way to do that is to solve a big crime. After lawyer Ron Kingman finds the body of a coworker in the company refrigerator, Mace gets involved to solve the crime. What she doesn't realize is just who is behind the killing and I'm not going to give that secret away. Her sister, the chief of police in Washington D.C., warns Mace to leave it alone but Mace is determined. Apparently nothing will stop Mace from solving this crime, with Ron right by her side.
I enjoyed reading this book and really wasn't sure how profane it would be. I've read books by David Baldacci that were relatively clean (The Christmas Train, Wish You Well) and others that were quite profane (The Camel Club series-and no, I didn't read all of them, they were too awful for me). This is kind of in the middle, maybe even on the cleaner side except for some adult situations, the prison guard scene comes to mind. There is profanity but not the worst kind, violence, and the adult situation that I mentioned as well as a few other scenes that might make you cringe a bit. I rate this one a PG-16.

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