Friday, March 12, 2010

Brava, Valentine by Adriana Trigiani

I loved Very Valentine (see post) and so was quite excited to see that the second book in Adriana Trigiani's trilogy come out. I love Valentine and her family! The only down-side I saw in this book was that there wasn't much about her Gram in it.
It starts out with Gram's wedding to Dominic. They live in Italy so Gram turns over the reigns of the Angelini shoe company to Valentine and her uptight brother Alfred. Just as Valentine is trying to grow the company, her love life is heating up. How will she handle both? Will she have time for love while devoting herself to making and selling gorgeous shoes? Could it get any better than a book about romance and shoes? I loved it! I love all the funny quirky interactions with her family and especially with her gay friend Gabriel who moves in after Gram leaves and completely redecorates (I want him to come to my house) and makes fabulous holiday dinners and decorations! I am seriously going to make the glittered pumpkins for Thanksgiving. Oh, and I want love letters like Valentine's. Trigiani manages to write a fun romantic novel without being either sappy or pornographic, a rarity these days. I would rate it PG-16 solely for the adult situations.

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Paula said...

I love to read your book reviews, it helps me to decide what I would like to spend my time reading. This one looks good as does her first one. I think I will check them out. I would love to come to Boston again since when we went before we drove by the aquarium and didn't know where to park and it was raining so we drove back to Newport. I would love to go to a Red Sox game. Would love to see you again also. Thanks for being so kind to my children. They really enjoyed the trip.