Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Midnight House by Alex Berenson

I didn't care too much for the last book I read by Alex Berenson. (See review here) I liked this one a whole lot better, probably for some of the same reasons that others didn't like it. There wasn't as much action and there was more psychological drama. Berenson delves into the why's of torture more and has less of the how-to's.

CIA Agent John Wells takes a much-needed several month break. He spends several months in the New Hampshire mountains before being called back to Washington D.C. He is asked to solve the seemingly inter-related murders of several people who belonged to the same highly-secret interrogation group that had operated out of Poland in what was called "The Midnight House". It is here that while discreetly investigating the murders, John discovers that something went terribly wrong with the interrogations of a couple of terrorists. The psychologist overseeing the medical and psychological aspects of the mission is very disturbed by the things that have happened but when she voices those concerns, she is dismissed. She eventually breaks down. and commits suicide. Soon other members of the group are dying or missing. Could there be a connection?

While this book is cleaner than most of this type, there isn't nearly as much profanity as there could be, the violence is enough to make it rated R.

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