Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

I liked Shiver better than the last two reviews but just a little. The main character, Grace, at least has a brain and uses it. Sam isn't a bad guy. He truly loves Grace but he knows that at some point he will change into his werewolf form which is what provides the tension in the story. Grace has known Sam for years, ever since she was dragged away and bitten by wolves and he rescued her. He has been her wolf that she looked for every winter but never saw in the summer until now. In this book, werewolves are wolves when it is cold and human when it is warm and as they get older their time as humans gets shorter and shorter. He manages to remain human by staying with Grace but they both know their time together is short.
I thought that this story was more inventive than some of the others but there were definitely holes in the plot. Grace's parents are conveniently very neglectful and in fact hardly seem to live in their own home which makes it possible for Sam to live there for months without them being aware. What really bothered me was that he slept in Grace's bed for months and yes, they eventually make love. I really don't think this one is appropriate for teens at all because of those two things: neglectful parents which some teens may wish for and a boyfriend sleeping in the girl's bed for months. Rated PG-16.

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