Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Solar by Ian McEwan

Written by the author of Atonement, which I haven't read or seen the movie but is supposed to be really good, there were high expectations for this book. I don't know if the critical expectations or met, they didn't seem to be according to many of the reviews, but since the whole subject matter was rather repugnant I failed to read the entire book. I got fairly far into it before I just got sick of it.
The main character is Michael Beard, a Nobel prize-winning scientist who is on his 5th marriage. The first 4 failed mostly due to his numerous affairs but this time his wife is cheating also and is much more blatant about it than he is. She had found out about his affairs and decided that she could cheat too. (You see what I mean about the subject matter?)
I just got sick of the whole thing. Yuck. There was enough language and other stuff to make it a definite R.

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