Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Walk by Richard Paul Evans

Alan Christofferson's life has completely fallen apart. Everything that had been so good about it is now gone and he considers ending his life. As he is making the decision to do so, six words enter his mind: Life is not yours to take. He decides instead to walk across the country from his home in Seattle to Key West, Florida. This book is the first in the series, in fact he only makes it to Spokane by the end of the book. So far, once he starts walking anyway, the book is a collection of little stories of the interesting characters he meets and the places he stays. I'm not sure if the entire series will be like that. There is some indication that there will be some characters that continue to play a role in his life.
I liked the book despite it having some of the same attributes that James Patterson's books have, ie: very short choppy chapters with lots of blank spaces. Honestly, it could have been half as many pages and I did find the short chapters to be rather distracting at times but noticed it less the more I got into the story. I liked Alan. He seemed to be persevering and caring despite his problems. Of course, the book was quite clean like you would expect it to be. In fact I can't think of anything objectionable in it. Rated G.

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