Saturday, April 24, 2010

Witch and Wizard by James Patterson

Of course, after I say how much I love young adult fiction, I read several in a row that I really didn't care much for. This one was the worst and I really couldn't even finish it. The writing is horrible! I don't care for James Patterson's style and won't read his adult fiction any more because of his language but I was willing to give his young adult stuff a try. The language didn't seem to be bad and I didn't really find anything objectionable in it (I didn't finish it though) but it was so poorly written that I couldn't go on. The chapters were, again, way too short and choppy. The plot seemed like it could have been decent if better written, a brother and sister are kidnapped by the government and accused of being a witch and wizard and condemned to die. They deny it and then discover that they are a witch and wizard. I rate it PG based on what I read but really can't recommend this one at all.

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Anonymous said...

James Patterson is usually better when it comes to young adult novels, but when it came to this series, it felt as if he suddenly transformed into a middle schooler trying to write a witty story.