Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This Body of Death by Elizabeth George

This Body of Death starts out with the retelling of a decades-old murder of a toddler at the hands of 3 preteen boys. The details in the retelling are very cringe-worthy and disturbing so I tried to skim through it. The whole book is interspersed with more accounts of this heinous crime and, although I knew that it had to tie in to the main part of the novel somehow, I was surprised when the truth was finally revealed. I thought that the book was interesting but the foul language, some of it incredibly bad, started to come more often about halfway through so I just skimmed to the end.
The main story is that of an age 20-something young woman goes missing and then is found to be murdered. Her ex-lover is put in the spotlight for the murder although many other suspects are found as well. Scotland Yard is called in to help solve the murder even though the new director is just a temporary fill-in after the previous director's wife is murdered (this is mentioned quite a bit in the book but the actual story of it is in a previously-written novel). She (DI Ardery) asks him (Thomas Lynley) to help her out since she has only been on the job a few days. In that short time she manages to alienate much of the office. They revere DI Lynley however.
The first book in this series about Inspector Lynley is The Great Deliverance, published in 1988. She has written 19 books about Lynley so far. There is also a BBC series about him. However, I thought that This Body of Death was too profane to read, with one particular word making it rated NC-17, so I don't plan on reading any more of her novels.

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