Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer is almost over

And I will be able to have a coherent thought again...I think. Summer is great, I love the more relaxed atmosphere and sleeping in, the swimming and barbecues but it brings with it constant interruptions and occasional fights. There is nonstop commotion in my house these days and I am longing for time to myself in a quiet house. My youngest starts kindergarten, ending my 25- year era of having a preschooler in the house. I don't think I'll be crying.
Here are a couple of quick thoughts but I'm saving the more formal posts for, well, next week when I can Really think.
Thought #1: Mockingjay isn't on the bestseller list yet since it just came out but I am sure it will be and will hold sway for many weeks just like the other two books in the trilogy. I got my copy Wednesday afternoon but couldn't start reading until after dinner. I finished it the next morning but I feel like I need to read it again when I'm not so tired...and after everyone else has had a chance at it. I loved the book and am happy with how it ended but found that it is quite dark and violent and definitely not appropriate for younger children or squeamish teens. I think they need to put these types of books in a new category, one that encompasses its true readership because I definitely don't qualify as a young adult but I really enjoyed this series and I know a lot of other adults who feel the same way. I read another young adult book just before it that had many many f-words in it and was not nearly as entertaining. Just goes to show that profanity is not necessary to the plot. Never has been, never will be. There needs to be a new category for that type too-labeled as YA but not appropriate for anyone.
Thought #2: James Patterson has two books on the bestseller list this week. That just shows how quickly he churns these things out and how little actual thought is put into them. Insipid, formulaic plots mostly written by other people...why is this guy so popular?

See you next week when I'll be doing a little happy dance (probably a good thing you can't actually see me)!

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Jenna said...

Can't wait to actually get my copy of Mockingjay. Then I think Chris needs to read these books, one day faraway when he'll have time. YA with multiple f-words? I don't like that, that's really not cool.