Friday, October 15, 2010

Juliet by Anne Fortier

Most of us have seen or read some version of Romeo and Juliet at some point (right?) and have a basic understanding of the story. At first glance at the title I thought, "Ho hum, it's another one." Ah, but then I read the blurb and my interest picked up considerably. Anne Fortier doesn't do a remake of Shakespeare's play but she goes further back to Siena, Italy in the 14th century. She intersperses the story of Giulietta Tolomei and Romeo Marscotti in the 1300's with the story of Julie Jacobs in the present day. Julie discovers that she is the descendent of Giulietta when she goes to Italy to learn more about her family. What follows is part historical fiction, part romance, part action and suspense, and all of it was well done and quite fun to read! Very little language issues, some violence, and a little sex make this a PG-16. The sex was the main problem for me. There was a discussion about inspecting the sheets after a wedding night that would make me feel squeamish about a younger teen reading it. All in all, however, it was quite clean. I highly recommend it!

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Irish said...

This is a really pretty cover .... Another book club choice for next year :) ........ Enjoyed your review :)