Sunday, January 16, 2011

Behemoth (and Leviathan) by Scott Westerfeld

Wow, it’s tough to come back after a 3-month hiatus! Taking the GRE, a daughter getting married just before Christmas, preparing for the holidays, all those things really took a toll on my free time and my blogging. Did I quit reading? Of course not!
I couldn’t possibly blog about all the books I read in the last three month but I will at least talk about some of my favorites, starting with this one by Scott Westerfeld (he wrote the Uglies books). I actually have read only the 2nd book in the series (Behemoth) but purchased Leviathan for my 12yo son to read on the plane to Utah for my daughter’s wedding. He devoured the book. I loved Behemoth and am anxious to read Leviathan. The story is a clever blend of historical fiction and fantasy with a little romance thrown in. It is set during World War I in Europe. Deryk (Dylan) is an English girl pretending to be a boy so she can be an airman. Alek is the heir to the Austrian throne who fled his home after his family was killed. What makes this a fantasy are the new Darwinist creatures that the British have, and the unusual machines of the Germans. Lots of fun to read with wonderful illustrations, I highly recommend this book for middle school readers and older. Rated PG for some violence.

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This sounds intriguing. Thanks for the review.