Saturday, February 5, 2011

Library Thing

I just found Library Thing ( Who knew such a thing existed?

Sure, I've done GoodReads but I really like the setup of Library Thing and will probably spend way too much time on it and neglect my house and children in the process. But I will be cataloguing my books which is worthwhile, right?! And I will be connecting with other book lovers in the process.

Has anyone else used this site? Did you find it worthwhile?

By the way, my son has been complaining about my lack of posting and begging me to do another review. I blame it on all the snow removal I have had to do lately. Okay, that's just a lame excuse and I promise that I will repent and do some more reviews soon! And I pray that this interminable winter doesn't ruin my good humor. I just may turn into the Grinch or, even better, the wicked witch of the west. At least Oz was warm.

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