Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card

Here is the first book in another Orson Scott Card series. I don't know how he comes up with these to begin with and to have two series starting at the same time is just mind-boggling, especially considering just how complex these two series are.
Rigg is a pathfinder which means that he can see the paths that people and animals leave behind. After his father dies, Rigg travels to find other family members and learns that his father had kept many secrets from him. He gathers a couple of traveling companions along the way and together they discover a huge secret about their world.
A parallel story is told alternately with Rigg's story which was quite confusing until the end. I knew that the stories would connect at some point but they took a lot longer to do so than I expected. I found the second story harder to read and in fact, the whole book moved rather slowly at times. By the end of the book I was very much caught up in the story but at times it just dragged. The most interesting part was how the book dealt with time travel and its consequences. For instance, when one of the characters travel back in time and warn their earlier selves about some danger so that they then avoid that danger, do they then still have to travel back to warn themselves or is everything changed?
Much cleaner than The Lost Gate, Pathfinder was written for a somewhat younger audience than The Lost Gate was but had enough violence that I would rate it PG-13.

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