Thursday, March 17, 2011

Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Okay, this is one of those books, you know, that is written in a very light easy breezy style that is kind of fun to read but is like eating cotton candy.  You are still hungry afterward and fill kind of sick that you ate all that junk. 

Meg saves her best friend from marrying a man whom she doesn't really love and who doesn't really love her even though they say they do.  He happens to be the favorite son of a small Texas town and they are hopping mad at Meg.  Oh, by the way, Meg is the daughter of well-known celebrities and Lucy, the bride-that-wasn't, is the daughter of a former President of the United States.  Ted (the groom) was born into money but is also wealthy in his own right due to being a genius inventor.  And, yes, they are all incredibly gorgeous.

Things I liked about the book:  some of the witty repartee and the amusing incidences.
Things I didn't like:  Ted and Meg falling into bed for no reason other than it might be fun (and later getting to know each other), explicit sex scenes, and cardboard characters.

If you are in the mood for cotton candy, you might like this book.  That is if the sex scenes don't bother you.

Rated R.

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Espana said...

The drama of the town, Meg's presence and the difficulties she goes through in order to learn her lesson are all extremely griping and entertaining. I could hardly put the book down. I couldn't wait to see what outrageous thing would happen next. There is great dialogue, wonderful characters and an exciting conclusion. I loved it and would recommend it to fans of SEP or contemporary romance.