Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Abandon by Meg Cabot

I have enjoyed Rick Riordan's books about Greek and Egyptian gods.  What a great way to learn about them!  When I saw that popular YA author Meg Cabot had a book about Persephone and Hades, I was anxious to read it but came away feeling rather disappointed.  I can't saw that I learned a whole lot about them and the story itself was just okay.
The problem is that Pierce, the voice of the story, just really isn't that interesting despite being wealthy and beautiful, and having died and come back to life.  Some of the things she does could be interesting but the way they are portrayed makes them seem ho-hum.  It ended up being the stereotypical YA novel where the girl falls for the bad boy and is physically attracted without really knowing him.  It also strings the reader along, giving out background in dribs and drabs.  It had the possibility of being an interesting book but fell a bit short for me.  Really it wasn't a bad book, just not as good as I had hoped.  This is the first in a trilogy.  Maybe the other books will be better.  Rated PG.  I thought about making it PG-13, the language is pretty clean but there are some situations that, if they had been described more fully, would have definitely pushed into PG-13. 

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