Friday, June 10, 2011

Night Road by Kristin Hannah

The main voices in Night Road are Lexi, a teenager tossed from one foster home to another until ending up with her great aunt, and Jude who is, well, a helicopter parent.  Jude and her family, including the twins Zack and Mia, are a well-to-do close-knit family.  Mia has always been shy and insecure, virtually without friends except those girls who want to get close to Zack, who is the all-American teen:  good-looking, athletic, and confident.  When Lexi goes to her new school, she meets both Mia and Zack and instant friendships are formed.  Lexi is welcomed as almost a member of the family and for the almost the next four years all is good.
Their senior year they are, as most seniors are, intent on college applications and are thinking of themselves as adults with the accompanying adult behaviors of sex and partying.   Although Jude is strict with her children, she has loosened up a bit and allows them to go to a party where she knows they will drink.  She allows it as long as someone is a designated driver.  Of course, things go wrong and well, I'm not going to give anything else away.
I keep thinking that this was a young adult novel.  It reads like one-the heavy-handed anti-drinking message, the teen romance, even the obvious too-pat ending.  I liked the book, really I did, but it just didn't feel like an adult novel. 
There were a few things I didn't like about it.  I didn't think that Lexi would really make the decision that she did and I felt that the consequences were too harsh but overall I thought that it was an enjoyable book, a tear-jerker and a romance.  There was some strong language, enough to make it R-rated.

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Sverige said...

Night Road is a book about love, acceptance, and most of all forgiveness. I truly think that Night Road is Kristin Hannah's best work yet. Her character development was solid and visible, especially with Jude. This is not a novel to be missed!