About Me

I have been reading for as long as I can remember.  I first learned to read when my older sister was in the 1st grade and I was four years old.  My mother was helping her learn to read by taping up words all over the house (table, lamp, etc.).  I tagged along and learned to read at the same time.  It opened up the world to me.  I read constantly throughout school until I hit my college years when all my reading time was sucked up by textbooks.  It was nice to be able to start reading for fun again after I graduated.  My husband was still in school so I would read while he studied.  I went through all of Jane Austen's books during that time.
It was once I started having children and reading became more hit and miss, and library trips were much more problematic, that I started reading popular fiction.  It was just easier to grab what was on display.  I found then that books, well, can't always be judged by their cover (sorry).  I was appalled on many occasions when I began reading what looked like a good book only to find it completely inappropriate.  After a while I stopped reading popular fiction and stuck to the classics and even (gasp!) went several years without reading much at all.
As my children reached middle school, I realized that I needed to try to keep up with what they were reading.  I made a valiant effort to read their books and found that, while not as bad as adult fiction, there were books targeting middle-schoolers that were not within my comfort zone.  (Necrophilia in a middle-schoolers book?  Amazing.)  Many years later I decided that I needed an intellectual outlet (and an excuse to read) and started this blog.  I didn't major in English and college was a long time ago so my analytical and writing skills don't necessarily hold up well against many of the wonderful book bloggers out there but I love sharing books with others.  I am starting a graduate degree in the fall-a Master's in Library and Information Science with a plan to get paid for recommending good books!
Until then I am a stay-at-home mom with 7 children ranging in age from 26 to 6, all of whom love to read.  I read all kinds of books but my favorites are historical fiction and young adult.